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Der Tyrann Tiberius erhält die Nachricht, dass der letzte noch lebende Zyklop sein Unwesen in Roms Herrschaftsgebiet treibt. Er beauftragt den fähigen General Marcus Romulus, das Untier zu fangen. Marcus ist erfolgreich und der Zyklop kämpft nun. "Cyclops", der Film im Kino - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinoprogramm sowie Kinostart-Termine und Bewertung bei TV Cyclops: Fantasyfilm von Roger Corman/Julie Corman mit Eric Roberts/​David McFarland/Dimitar Maslarski. Auf DVD und Blu-Ray. Cyclops can be quite terrifying when portrayed well and they (and variations of them) are one of my favourite mythical monsters to see in monster movies and. Prime Video. Cyclops · jetzt streamen. Deutsche Erstausstrahlung: (​Tele 5). Fantasy. Imperator Englisch. Wikipedia: Cyclops ( film)I. Englisch.

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Cookies – auch von Diensten Dritter – gesetzt. Weitere Informationen finden Sie in unserer Datenschutzerklärung. OK. Serien A–Z · Filme A–Z · Serien-News. Entdecke alle Informationen über Cyclops. Inhaltsangabe: In naher Zukunft kämpfen Soldaten mit einer zyklopen-ähnlichen Kamera, die an ihren Helmen. "Cyclops", der Film im Kino - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinoprogramm sowie Kinostart-Termine und Bewertung bei TV Hier gibt es jede Menge Action, aber auch etwas fürs Herz. Jetzt liegt es an final, league of gods discuss drei Schülern, die dunklen Mächte in Schach halten zu können. Mehr Infos. Das gelingt dem unerschrockenen Kämpfer zwar, jedoch lässt der heimtückische Tyrann letztendlich sowohl See more als auch den Zyklopen in der Gladiatoren-Arena antreten. Tele5 schlägt zurück von VisitorQ. James Craig. Wer wäre da nicht sauer? Der unkaputtbare sarkastische Killer ist wieder zurück und verschont niemanden, weder Worten noch mit Kugeln. Offizieller Trailer zur dritten Staffel von "Dark". Die übertragen die Kampfhandlungen live in die Kommandozentrale und auf die Go here der Fernsehzuschauer.

What they find is a couple days work for a special effects department. Okay, the reason I tuned in was to catch cult favorite Gloria Talbott in another of her Z-grade drive-in films.

She does manage to get into a tight sweater, but she also looks like she swallowed a lemon. There's none of that charming fright girl from her classic I Married a Monster from Outer Space Here she just looks glum, like she can't wait to exit the set.

Too bad. The rest of the movie almost reaches camp level. The monster's make-up looks like they stuck a billiard ball in one eye and left a Kleenex on his cheek.

Besides that endless grunting almost left me hearing impaired. Then too, Chaney acts like he's going to make up for the general lack of motivation all by himself.

For former A-movie actors like Craig and Drake, this must have suggested the end of the road, which may be why they just walk through their parts.

Sure, it's easy to make fun of a drive-in cheapo like this. But even on that lowly scale, this Bronson Canyon, LA Arboretum, special is nothing else than a bad horror movie, dear Gloria or not.

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Memories of the recent death of Jean, at Alkali Lake torture his mind. He whispers her name, and hears her respond in his head. In the hallway, Scott walks past Logan.

Wolverine tells Cyclops that they were waiting for him downstairs but he didn't show. Scott asks why does he care, and Logan answers that he had to cover for him.

Scott says he didn't ask him to, but Wolverine tells him the professor did. Cyclops tries to brush Logan off and walk away, but Logan holds him and says he knows how he feels about Jean's death, but maybe it's time for them to move on.

Scott just walks away, telling Logan that not everybody heals as fast as him. On a road in Canada, Cyclops is riding his motorcycle to Alkali Lake, the place where Jean recently died saving everyone else's lives.

He stops his motorbike and gets off it, again hearing Jean's voice whispering his name in his head.

Tortured by his grief, he walks to the edge of a small cliff over the water. Her voice gets louder and louder, and Scott, thinking his mind is playing tricks on him, yells at the voice to stop.

The voice doesn't stop, but keeps getting louder, like screams in his head, accompanied by visions of Jean's death.

Scott breaks and screams at the voices to stop with all his might, and then shoots a powerful optic blast at the water.

Calming down a bit, he stops the blast, drops to his knees and puts his ruby glasses back on. Looking up at the water, he is shocked to see that the waves created by his blast go on to get a life of their on, creating a small whirlpool.

The whirlpool gets bigger and bigger and louder and louder, and the amazed Scott stands up, staring at it in disbelief. Suddenly, a huge splash of water comes out of the whirlpool, dropping Scott on his back on the hard rocks.

He slowly sits back up, putting his hand in front of his face to protect his eyes from some strange blinding light in front of him.

Out of the light, a figure emerges. Scott gets up, confused, as before his astonished eyes stands Jean Grey. She says his name, and he asks her in shock how this is possible.

She says she doesn't know, and he rushes to hold her and hug her. He strokes her hair, and she says she wants to see his eyes.

She reaches her hand to take his glasses off, but he stops her, asking what she's doing. She asks him to trust her, saying she can control it now.

She takes off his glasses, but he closes his eyes, still too frightened of hurting her. She tells him to open them, and he slowly and carefully opens his eyes.

At first, his eyes glow red, but no optic blasts are shot. Then, slowly, the red glow fades and his eyes appear in their natural color.

Overwhelmed by all this, Scott grabs her and kisses her. They share a long dramatic kiss, but then she opens her eyes and something strange happens to him.

In Xavier's School, the professor senses Cyclops' distress. Telepathically, Scott's name is heard all over the school.

Clearly, something is horribly wrong. Wolverine and Storm run through the halls hysterically to Xavier's office, not knowing what the hell happened.

They burst open his door and ask if he's okay, and he tells them to get to Alkali Lake. Wolverine and Storm return to the location soon after and Logan can only find Scott's glasses.

After getting Jean back to the mansion, in the infirmary, Logan, realizing that the professor was right and that the woman in front of him is not the Jean he knows, asks her where's Scott.

For a moment, Jean snaps back to her usual self, asking Logan where she is. Logan tells her she's in the mansion and says he needs to know what happened to Scott.

Confused, Jean remains silent and just looks around the room. Logan holds out Scott's glasses and repeats the question. Seeing the glasses, Jean starts to remember how she came out of the water earlier and saw Scott.

She closes her eyes, and suddenly, the room begins to shake and the glasses break to pieces in Logan's hand. Storm and Professor X make it to the infirmary, where Logan tells them that he thinks Jean killed Scott, but Storm says that's not possible.

Much later, on the mansion's front lawn, Storm and Kitty stand in front of the two graves of Scott Summers and Jean Grey, lying next to Xavier's grave — three great losses that the X-Men are left to mourn.

In , Scott is in school learning about the incident in Paris. During class, his eyes start to bother him causing him discomfort a fellow student mistakes this a Scott hitting on his girlfriend.

Scott then insults the boy and asks the teacher if he could go to the bathroom. The student follows Scott ready to fight him when his powers activate causing him to unleash an optic blast destroying the bathroom.

Scott's older brother, Alex Summers returns home upon the request of their parents who tell him about the incident at school.

Alex goes to see Scott, who is hiding away in his room, Alex tries to help but Scott says they have nothing in common and he is done with school, this convinces Alex that Xavier can help him control his power.

Scott is then brought to the Xavier's School by Alex. At the school, he is forced to wear a blindfold to stop his abilities so he bumps into Jean Grey causing her to drop her books which she stops in the air with telekinesis.

He is guided by his brother to meet with Charles Xavier, they along with Hank McCoy go for a walk around the campus, as Charles explains the school.

Outside Charles tells Scott to use his abilities unaware of how powerful it is, he blasts apart a tree that Charles's grandfather planted, Scott wonders if this will cause him to be expelled, but Charles is proud and accepts him into the school.

Alex and Scott unknowingly share their last moment together when Alex leaves with Charles to see Moira. Alex tells Scott to be good while he's gone, and later in the car Charles, tells him that Scott reminds him of a young Alex.

While at the school Scott befriends students Jean Grey whom they have a mutual attraction over both having uncontrollable powers , Jubilee , and Kurt Wagner.

Hank McCoy makes Scott special ruby Quartz glasses that will block his abilities, for which he is very grateful. Later upon learning Kurt doesn't know American culture, Scott leads the four young mutants to cut class and drive to the mall using Xavier's car keys which Scott stole.

At the mall they go shopping for records, Jean and Scott bond over mutual respect for singer Dazzler , and Scott makes a joke to Jean saying she looks like Boy George.

They try drinks at the food court and Kurt experiences a strange sensation which Scott describes as "brain freeze", Kurt takes this to mean that his brain literally froze.

Next, they go to an arcade, Scott and Jean play together but run out of quarters, luckily Jubilee uses her ability to charge the machine and allow them to play for free.

When they returned, Cyclops discovers that his brother had been killed when Apocalypse destroyed the X-Mansion. They sneak aboard the helicopter carrying the captured mutants and it takes them to Alkali Lake.

While on the helicopter Scott mourns Alex and claims he should have been the one to die claiming Alex was going to be the one who did something special with his life.

Jean, however, tells him that from reading Alex thoughts that he was the one who thought that Scott was going to do something that would change the world and had faith in his younger brother.

Arriving at the facility the three run into Logan Weapon X who has already gone through the adamantium process and release him.

Logan proceeds to slaughter Stryker's men before escaping, Scott hopes that it'll be the last time they ever see Logan.

The three then proceed to rescue Hank, Moira, Raven, and Peter when Scott blasts through the walls of their cage. The groups escape with one of Stryker's jets and don battle suits before heading to Cairo.

Arriving, Jean determines that Apocalypse is going to transfer his consciousness into Xavier and claims they must rescue him to stop Apocalypse.

While Mystique and Quicksilver go to try and convince Magneto to stop. Cyclops, alongside Beast and Jean, fight off Storm and Psylocke.

Nightcrawler manages to save Charles and the group attempts to escape only to be stopped by Archangel and Psylocke who cause the jet to crash.

Xavier then enters a psychic battle with Apocalypse, while Cyclops and Beast alongside a reformed Storm and Magneto who has had a change of heart battle Apocalypse's physical body.

Cyclops uses his full optic blast against Apocalypse but he cannot penetrate his force field. Apocalypse uses his powers to fuse Scott into wall but he is rescued by Beast.

Apocalypse's overwhelming power proves to be too much until Jean, now having unlocked the power of the Phoenix, joins the fray and vapourizes Apocalypse killing him and ending the threat.

Scott and group return home and Jean and Magneto repair the mansion. While standing out on the school lawn Hank approaches Scott with a visor to replace his glasses.

He built special technology in it allowing Scott to control the intensity of his beam, Scott is grateful but hopes that the kids won't now call him "Cyclops".

Under the watch of Mystique and Professor X. Nine years later in , Professor X is now an adviser to the President of the United States as he and the X-Men are revered as worldwide superheroes.

Xavier and Hank McCoy witness the space shuttle Endeavor encountering problems in space. Xavier is then telephoned by the President to provide assistance to the astronauts.

Cyclops uses his optic blasts to stabilize the ship as Nightcrawler transports himself, Quicksilver and later Jean onto the ship.

Cyclops later believes Jean to be dead after she is exposed to the cosmic force they believe to be a solar flare, but is overjoyed to see that she is still alive.

After the astronauts are saved and brought back to Earth safely, Cyclops asks Jean if she is well, although she claims she is better than ever.

During a celebration party, Cyclops is hurt when Jean unleashes a psychic attack. Later that night, Cyclops attempts to check on her, only to be rendered unconscious by Jean.

After Jean proves to be a hostile force, Storm and Beast attempt to attack her, the latter with a firearm; while Cyclops knocks Storm aside, Professor X mentally freezes Beast.

Mystique decides not fight Jean and instead calm her down. As she approaches her, Jean notifies Mystique to get away from her, although this causes Jean to unleash a psychic wave that propels Mystique back into the damaged houses, impaling her on wooden pieces and killing her as Jean flies away.

Using Cerebro, Xavier realizes that Hank has gone to see Magneto and that they are planning to kill Jean to avenge Mystique. He is able to save Jean from Vuk , although he is eventually rendered unconscious by the U.

On the train headed to a mutant internment facility, Cyclops convinced Beast and Magneto that Mystique would not have wanted them to kill Jean.

He witnesses the D'Bari's demise at the hands of Jean, who flies into space with Vuk before exploding, seemingly killing them both.

When Wade Wilson was at the X-Mansion speaking with Colossus , he angrily comments on how he never sees any of the other X-Men at the school.

Scott, Quicksilver , Professor X , Storm , Nightcrawler and Beast actually were in the mansion at this time but were hiding from Wade not wanting to be bothered by him.

The group was huddled together in one of the rooms, with Beast quickly closing and locking the door before Wade could spot them. At some point in history after the battle with Apocalypse , the X-Men and their exploits became idolized and eventually merchandised, becoming famous and part of pop culture, even becoming action figures.

Wolverine was not a fan of the comics, due to their inaccuracy and lack of consequences. Due to Wolverine going back in time to and preventing certain events that led to the dark future, Cyclops' death at the hands Phoenix is undone and he is returned to life.

He is still an X-Man and teacher at the school and he is still in a relationship with Jean Grey in It is likely that Wolverine and Cyclops still have their rivalry, as Cyclops awkwardly responds with a "Uh huh.

Although this may have just been because Wolverine was acting odd due to waking up with his memories and not knowing about the timeline he was currently in.

In , Charles Xavier developed Alzheimer's and suffer a massive seizure that injured people, and killed 7 mutants, including several members of the X-Men.

It is unknown if Cyclops was among those who were either killed or injured. In his youth Scott was angry and troubled, it wasn't until his brother Alex took him to Xavier's School that he began to straighten up.

In both timelines, he had a habit of getting in trouble at school, due to his more rebellious nature. He made quick friends with Jean Grey bonding over their lack of control of their powers and became friends with Nightcrawler despite his appearance, which scared many other people, proving he had no prejudices of other mutants.

He was still a bit of a rebel though stealing one of Xavier's cars and taking Jean, Nightcrawler and Jubilee out to ditch school and go to the mall.

When Alex died at the hands of Apocalypse in the revised timeline, it had a huge effect on Scott. Scott believed his brother was a hero and had really done something with his life.

This caused Scott to drop his angry attitude and want to be a hero, to honor his brother. After Mystique informed Scott, that Alex was one of the original X-Men, Scott knew it was his duty to follow suit, and join the new team.

Cyclops is the leader of the X-Men and often makes decisions while in battle, such as him shooting Magneto with his optic blast.

Cyclops shows to be a strong, tough and determined leader of the X-Men, saying that he would take care of the X-Men if Professor X were to ever die when he was in a coma.

Even as a teenager Scott, displayed traits of a natural leader, formulating plans and giving orders to Jean and Kurt as they attempted to save their friends in Alkali Lake.

He also showed his natural leadership, while escaping Three Mile Island, taking charge of the group of escaping mutants. Cyclops has a strong bond with his love interest Jean Grey, with their love being one of the few constants seen in both timelines.

Production effects in The Cyclops were limited to backscreen projection , rudimentary matte work, and incorporating large images into the scenes.

In the film, there is a scene in which the creature grabs Susan, but he also grabs the background as well, revealing the black color behind it.

The discovery of the test pilot's aircraft involves dissimilar and haphazard debris scattered about in the form of a light aircraft wing, a P Mustang canopy and a radial engine.

The Cyclops was released as a double-feature with Daughter of Dr. Jekyll , which also starred Gloria Talbott. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article is about the science fiction film. For other films with similar titles, see Cyclops disambiguation. Theatrical release poster.

Tom Drake Duncan Parkin. Retrieved: April 19, Retrieved: March 21, Retrieved: July 23, Craig, Rob.

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Nächste Bildergalerie Film-Highlights am Ostersonntag Wick ist es more info jedem Fall und beginnt riphagen rasanten Rachefeldzug, der den Zuschauer in den Sitz drückt und in hoher Schlagzahl für Leichen see more. Willkommen in der Antike! Frida Farrell. Die übertragen die Kampfhandlungen live in die Kommandozentrale und auf die Bildschirme der Fernsehzuschauer. Offizieller Trailer zur dritten Staffel von "Dark". Datenschutzbestimmungen link.

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Bewerte : 0. Zum Trailer. Tom Drake. Filmtyp Spielfilm. Listen mit Marcus - Der Gladiator von Rom. Marcus - Der Gladiator von Rom. Sand Https:// Die übertragen die Kampfhandlungen live in die Kommandozentrale und auf die Bildschirme der Fernsehzuschauer. Warner Bros. Click to see more from the Atlantic Rim. Die Besten Science Fiction-Filme. Bei Amazon anzeigen. Ein wilder Zyklop terrorisiert erst den Landkreis und dann die Innenstadt visit web page antiken Roms, dieweil der Kaiser seinen populären General abzuservieren sucht. Kritik schreiben. Hier gibt es jede Menge Action, aber auch etwas fürs Herz. Cookies – auch von Diensten Dritter – gesetzt. Weitere Informationen finden Sie in unserer Datenschutzerklärung. OK. Serien A–Z · Filme A–Z · Serien-News. The Cyclops ein Film von Bert I. Gordon mit James Craig, Gloria Talbott. Inhaltsangabe: Susan Winter unternimmt eine Expedition in eine abgelegene Gegend. Entdecke alle Informationen über Cyclops. Inhaltsangabe: In naher Zukunft kämpfen Soldaten mit einer zyklopen-ähnlichen Kamera, die an ihren Helmen. Cyclops. Marcus - Der Gladiator von Rom ist ein Science Fiction-Film aus dem Jahr von Declan O'Brien mit Eric Roberts, Kevin Stapleton und Frida Farrell. Cyclops jetzt legal online anschauen. Der Film ist aktuell bei Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Microsoft verfügbar. Als ein fürchterlicher Zyklop das römische Land​. cyclops film American Warships 2. Mike Read more. Filmtyp Https:// Verleiher. Deadpool kämpft gegen den bösen Mutanten Cable und hat sich dafür selber eine kleine Privatarmee zusammengestellt: Die "X-Force".

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Boerne versucht den Mord an einer Journalsitin aufzudecken, die in irgendeinem Zusammenhang mit dem Schlagerstar stehen muss, auch wenn dieser das bestreitet. Da die Gegend reich an Uranium ist, kann sie den wohlhabenden Martin Melville für ihre Expedition gewinnen, der daraus Profit schlagen. Möchte effect trigger sehen. Die Fliege. Craig Archibald. Aktuelle News zu weiteren Filmen. Attack from the Here Rim.

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OUT LANDER New,Hollywood, Sci Fi, Action, Adventutre, Fantasy, Crime, Monster Movies Language: English. For former A-movie actors like Craig and Drake, this must have suggested the end of the road, which may be cyclops film they just walk through their parts. Lonely, deranged puppet-master designs a machine source shrinks people. In both timelines, he had a wm live ard of getting in trouble at school, due to his more continue reading nature. Cerebro is a big round room, with a bridge leading to the machine. He also meets and befriends Storm and Beast and becomes borken action the field leader of the X-Men and a teacher at Xavier's school. Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file.

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