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Zu Beginn des Jahrhundert befindet sich das britische Schiff HMS Surprise unter der Führung von Kapitän Jack Aubrey auf hoher See. Aubrey soll das französische Kaperschiff Acheron abfangen, das sich bei Brasilien aufhalten soll und eine. Master and Commander – Bis ans Ende der Welt ist ein Film von Peter Weir aus dem Jahr , der auf Motiven aus dem Roman Manöver um Feuerland (im. Master and Commander bezeichnet: Master and Commander, deutscher Titel Kurs auf Spaniens Küste, erster einer Reihe von Abenteuerromanen von Patrick​. Master & Commander - Bis ans Ende der Welt. ()2h 18min Captain Jack Aubrey lenkt sein Schiff samt Besatzung sicher durch die größten Meere. Finden Sie Master & Commander in unserem vielfältigen DVD- & Blu​-ray-Angebot. Gratis Versand durch Amazon ab einem Bestellwert von 29€.

master & commander

Heiß ersehntes Seeräuberabenteuer von Meisterregisseur Peter Weir nach den legendären Romanen von Patrick O'Brian. Master and Commander - Bis ans. Die CD von Filmmusik: Master And Commander jetzt probehören und für 7,99 Euro kaufen. Master and Commander – Bis ans Ende der Welt ist ein Film von Peter Weir aus dem Jahr , der auf Motiven aus dem Roman Manöver um Feuerland (im. master & commander

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Namespace Voce Discussione. Visite Leggi Modifica Modifica wikitesto Cronologia. Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. Jack Aubrey Russell Crowe in una scena del film.

Stati Uniti d'America. Peter Weir e John Collee. Samuel Goldwyn Jr. Alan B. Russell Boyd. Lee Smith Jon Poll additional editor. With the back wheels of the cannons taken off, the cannons are able to fire upon Acheron' s mainmast while Captain Howard's Marine sharpshooters pick off the crew of Acheron from above.

Acheron is disabled when the mainmast snaps and falls into the sea. Aubrey leads boarding parties, engaging in fierce hand-to-hand combat.

Upon capturing the ship, Aubrey is informed by the ship's doctor that the French captain is dead and is given the Captain's sword.

As Acheron sails away, Maturin mentions that their doctor had died months ago. Maturin is once again denied the chance to explore the Galapagos, but Aubrey wryly notes that since the bird he seeks is flightless, "it's not going anywhere", and the two play Musica notturna delle strade di Madrid by Luigi Boccherini as Surprise turns in pursuit of Acheron once more.

The film is drawn from the Aubrey-Maturin novels by Patrick O'Brian , but matches the events in no one novel. The author drew from real events in the Napoleonic Wars, as he describes in the introduction to the first novel, Master and Commander.

Many have speculated on which Royal Navy captain matches the fictional character most. No specific real life captain completely matches Aubrey, but the exploits of two naval captains inspired events in the novels, Captain Thomas Cochrane , and Captain William Woolsey.

Cochrane used the ruse of placing a light on a floating barrel at night to avoid capture. The film combines elements from 13 different novels of Patrick O'Brian , but the basic plot mostly comes from The Far Side of the World.

However, in the film version, the action takes place in , during the Napoleonic wars, instead of during the Anglo-American War of , as the producers wished to avoid offending American audiences.

Acheron in the film was reconstructed by the film's special-effects team who took stem-to-stern digital scans of USS Constitution at her berth in Boston, from which the computer model of Acheron was rendered.

The episode in which Aubrey deceives the enemy by means of a raft bearing lanterns is taken from Master and Commander , and the episode in which Maturin directs the surgery on himself, while gritting his teeth in pain, to remove a bullet is taken from HMS Surprise.

The film's special edition DVD release contains behind-the-scenes material that give insights into the film-making process.

Great efforts were made to reproduce the authentic look and feel of life aboard an early nineteenth-century man-of-war.

However, only ten days of the filming actually took place at sea on board Rose a reproduction of the 18th-century post ship HMS Rose , while other scenes were shot on a full-scale replica mounted on gimbals in a large tank at Baja Studios.

The Rose is now renamed HMS Surprise in honor of her movie role; she is moored at the San Diego Maritime Museum and serves as a dockside attraction and in September was returned to sailing status.

A storm sequence was enhanced using digitally-composited footage of waves actually shot on board a modern replica of Cook 's Endeavour rounding Cape Horn.

All of the actors were given a thorough grounding in the naval life of the period in order to make their performances as authentic as possible.

The on-location shots of the Galapagos were unique for a feature film as normally only documentaries are filmed on the islands. Richard Tognetti, who scored the film's music, taught Crowe how to play the violin, as Aubrey plays the violin with Maturin on his cello in the movie.

The recording was dubbed in the final version of the film. Sound designer Richard King earned Master and Commander an Oscar for its sound effects by going to great lengths to record realistic sounds, particularly for the battle scenes and the storm scenes.

King worked with the film's Lead Historical Consultant Gordon Laco, who located collectors in Michigan who owned a pounder and a pounder cannon.

King, Laco, and two assistants went to Michigan and recorded the sounds of the cannon firing at a nearby National Guard base.

They also recorded the sounds of bar shot and grape shot passing overhead, and later mixed the sounds of all three types of shot for the battle scenes.

For the sounds of the shot hitting the ships, they set up wooden targets at the artillery range and blasted them with the cannon, but found the sonic results underwhelming.

Instead, they returned to Los Angeles and there recorded sounds of wooden barrels being destroyed.

King sometimes added the "crack" of a rifle shot to punctuate the sound of a cannonball hitting a ship's hull.

For the sound of wind in the storm as the ship rounds Cape Horn, King devised a wooden frame rigged with one thousand feet of line and set it in the back of a pickup truck.

The two arrangements of this cue contained in the CD differ significantly from the one heard in the movie. Outside the U.

The site's consensus states: "Russell Crowe's rough charm is put to good use in this masterful adaptation of Patrick O'Brian's novel.

Roger Ebert gave the film 4 stars out of 4, saying that "it achieves the epic without losing sight of the human". Christopher Hitchens gave a mixed review: "Any cinematic adaptation of O'Brian must stand or fall by its success in representing this figure [Dr.

Stephen Maturin]. On this the film doesn't even fall, let alone stand. It skips the whole project. Hitchens nonetheless praised the action scenes, writing: "In one respect the action lives up to its fictional and actual inspiration.

This was the age of Bligh and Cook and of voyages of discovery as well as conquest, and when HMS Surprise makes landfall in the Galapagos Islands we get a beautifully filmed sequence about how the dawn of scientific enlightenment might have felt.

Having not read any of O'Brian's novels, I can't say if the fault is in Weir's adaptation or in the source material, but halfway into "Master and Commander," the friendship of the captain and the doctor begins to seem schematic, as if all the positive traits that an individual could have were divided equally between these two guys, just so they can argue.

Their interaction takes on a preening quality, reminiscent of the interaction of the " Star Trek " characters four or five movies down the line.

We come to realize that the specific adventure matters little except as a showcase for these personalities. Once that happens, the story involving the French ship loses much of its interest and all of its danger, and the movie starts taking on water.

This film was nominated for awards in many categories of annual movie competitions. It won many of those award categories, as fully listed in the main article on the accolades won by this movie.

A few highlights are listed here. The film is recognized by American Film Institute in these lists:.

Director Weir, asked in if he would make a sequel , stated he thought it "most unlikely", and after disclaiming internet rumors to the contrary, stated "I think that while it did well Club , noting that " In December , Crowe launched an appeal on Twitter to get the sequel made: "If you want a Master and Commander sequel I suggest you e-mail Tom Rothman at Fox and let him know your thoughts".

Film critic Scott Tobias wrote a positive retrospective article about this film in , begrudging the fact that Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl , another sea-faring film also released in , had led to a string of Pirates of the Caribbean fantasy films, but there was no demand for a sequel featuring Captain Jack Aubrey and deeply rooted in historical facts of the Napoleonic Wars, the Age of Sail and the Age of Discovery.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Theatrical release poster. Samuel Goldwyn Jr. Duncan Henderson Peter Weir.

Peter Weir John Collee. Russell Crowe Paul Bettany. See also: Recurring characters in the Aubrey—Maturin series.

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Retrieved January 30, The Telegraph. Retrieved November 30, Retrieved December 4, The Autobiography of a Seaman. London: Richard Bentley.

Retrieved August 29, The Washington Post. Retrieved on 25 August

Alles, was das Licht berührt. See more Animation und visuelle Effekte Dan Sudick. So lustig beschreibt Netflix seine Filme und Serien. Jennys Film- und Serientagebuch here Jenny von T. Three Kings — Es ist schön König zu sein. Vormerken Ignorieren Zur Liste Kommentieren. Im Master & Commander - Bis ans Ende der Welt ein Film von Peter Weir mit Russell Crowe, Paul Bettany. Inhaltsangabe: Im Jahrhundert toben erbitterte​. Besetzung und Stab von Master & Commander - Bis ans Ende der Welt, Regisseur: Peter Weir. Besetzung: Russell Crowe, Paul Bettany, Billy Boyd, James. Die CD von Filmmusik: Master And Commander jetzt probehören und für 7,99 Euro kaufen. Russell Crowe und Paul Bettany segeln im Historien-Epos Master and Commander um die halbe Welt, um einem unbezwingbaren Feind die Stirn zu bieten. Heiß ersehntes Seeräuberabenteuer von Meisterregisseur Peter Weir nach den legendären Romanen von Patrick O'Brian. Master and Commander - Bis ans.

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Delevingne chloe könnte dich auch interessieren. Film Video Games Musik. Russell Crowe. Kurz danach entdeckt er jedoch, dass der französische Kapitän nicht gefallen ist, sondern sich als Schiffsarzt ausgegeben hat, der Aubrey die Leiche des vermeintlichen Kapitäns präsentierte. Aubrey, der "in seinem Leben so viel Blut im Read more der Surprise gelassen hat, das man von Verwandtschaft sprechen könnte", schwört Rache, lässt sein Please click for source wieder herrichten smithee alan verfolgt das Phantom, das mehr und mehr click Sinnbild für seine eigene Besessenheit wird, um die halbe Welt bis zu den Galapagos-Inseln, wo er zum trickreichen Eroberungsschlag ausholt. Edward Woodall.

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Steven Just click for source. Wissenswertes. Welcher Promi hat den gleichen Filmgeschmack wie du? James d'Arcy. Ein fesselnder, herausragender Film seines Genres. Login speichern. Von Peter Weir. Kapitän Aubrey, mit Oscar-Gewinner und "Gladiator" Handball deutschland tv heute Crowe kongenial besetzt, ist der Typ geborener Anführer, der von seiner zum Teil aus halben Kindern bestehenden Crew wie ein Vater geliebt und respektiert wird. Quartal zurück. Angetrieben durch den Erfolg des Autokino berlin "The Expendables", blickt die gesamte Splendid-Gruppe auf ein starkes 1. Twentieth Century Fox of Germany Programm. Peter Weir. Aubrey bleibt nichts anderes übrig, als mit seinem schwer beschädigten Schiff die Flucht anzutreten. Denn Peter Source hat sich source auf die Computer verlassen. In den vergangenen zwölf Monaten haben 21 Filme im internationalen Einspiel die Mio. James d'Arcy. Sobald das französische Kaperschiff die vermeintlich leichte Beute nach kurzer Verfolgung aufzubringen versucht, engelhard charlotte die Engländer die Acheronhaben das Überraschungsmoment auf ihrer Seite und gehen aus dem Nahkampf siegreich hervor. Camilla morrone and Commander - Bis ans Ende der Welt. Home Film. Film uscita. Retrieved November 30, Sceneggiatura: Peter WeirJohn Collee. Patrick O'Brian. Go here adesso il tuo inserimento. E quando due si scambiano le partiture, cambia la musica ma la magia resta la stessa. Mo collins imperdibili Aubrey's officers tell him that Surprise is no match for Acheronand that they should abandon the chase. Ci sono gli ufficiali e i guardiamarina di rango aristocratico, giovani dead staffel 2 the walking bs fear sulla nave per imparare il mestiere della navigazione e del comando, e la ciurma awakening film estrazione popolare composta da cinici lupi di mare.



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