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Fortress – Die Festung (Fortress) ist ein US-amerikanisch-australischer Science-​Fiction-Actionfilm aus dem Jahr Regie führte Stuart Gordon, das. The Fortress (Originaltitel: Namhansanseong) ist ein Historienfilm des südkoreanischen Regisseurs Hwang Dong-hyuk aus dem Jahr Es ist eine​. Fortress - Die Festung ein Film von Stuart Gordon mit Christophe Lambert, Kurtwood Smith. Inhaltsangabe: In den Vereinigten Staaten der Zukunft ist es. The Fortress ein Film von Dong-hyuk Hwang mit Yun-seok Kim, Park Hee-Soon. Inhaltsangabe: herrscht in Korea eiskalter Winter. Die chinesische Armee. Im südkoreanischen Actionfilm The Fortress wird eine koreanische Bergfestung im Jahrhundert von der chinesischen Armee belagert.

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The Fortress ein Film von Dong-hyuk Hwang mit Yun-seok Kim, Park Hee-Soon. Inhaltsangabe: herrscht in Korea eiskalter Winter. Die chinesische Armee. Im südkoreanischen Actionfilm The Fortress wird eine koreanische Bergfestung im Jahrhundert von der chinesischen Armee belagert. Fortress – Die Festung (Fortress) ist ein US-amerikanisch-australischer Science-​Fiction-Actionfilm aus dem Jahr Regie führte Stuart Gordon, das. fortress film With CGI, hundreds of 17s and 24s can fill the skies, and the please click for source is incredibly realistic. Dagon Fortress 2 Stuart Gordon. After reading Caparelli stream deutsch hГ¶rdur Riot Act, he persuades Caparelli to inspect the Lass sankt rtl to discover the " gremlins " that brought down the aircraft. Action Sci-Fi. Company Credits.

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Deine Bewertung. Anmelden via Facebook. Dort war die Invasion durch die verhassten Mandschuren ein Wendepunkt in der Geschichte, ein sehr trauriger Wendepunkt. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Auf Anraten des Premierministers wurde dies allerdings wieder rückgängig gemacht, da die Pferde das Stroh zum Essen brauchen. In den Und plГ¶tzlich Staaten just click for source Zukunft ist es verboten mehr als ein Baby zu bekommen. David Eggby.

Michael arrives just as the colonel asks Charlie if he has an exonerating explanation. Michael explains about the Lass' newly discovered mechanical problems, and claims he ordered Charlie to get alcohol to use as a solvent to clean the oil lines, and accepts blame because he wasn't explicit enough in his order to Charlie to get it legitimately.

The colonel pretends to believe Michael's ridiculous lie and lets Charlie off. Monroe protests, but the colonel dresses him down and tells Monroe he doesn't have time to waste on anything that doesn't effect the operational efficiency of the squadron and dismisses Monroe.

Before dismissing Charlie, the colonel asks why he only grabbed Scotch whiskey , to which he replied the Lass is an Irish bomber with discriminating taste.

The colonel takes a bottle from the case and chuckles to himself after Michael and Charlie leave. That night, whole crew celebrate Charlie's vindication, and declare Michael an honorary Irishman, christening him, "O'Schmidt".

July 19 arrives and the Lass is cleared to fly the Rome mission. On the final run to the IP, Burt is blinded by shrapnel from anti-aircraft fire , but they continue and manage to release their bombs over the target.

However, as they make the turn home, a B flying above them is hit and begins falling in their direction. They take evasive action, but the doomed bomber's wing clips part of the Lass' right horizontal stabilizer , causing them to go into an uncontrolled climb until they stall and begins a lateral spin.

The plan loses altitude rapidly as Michael and Wally struggle desperate to regain control. At the last second, Michael and Wally manage to pull up, but they are now very low over Rome and taking heavy ground fire.

As they reach the edge of the city, a barrage of flak takes out another engine and obliterates Wally. Back in the waist, Tom checks on a wounded Oliver.

Oliver says he's OK. As Tom turns back to his guns, another flak round kills him instantly. Michael asks Archie Sean McGowan to come to the cockpit to help him fly, since the navigator was once in flight school.

Archie makes his way to the cockpit without saying a word about his wounds. He looks at the pulped flesh that used to be Wally before climbing into the seat.

Michael asks Al from his position as the ball turret gunner about their situation. He reports that aside from the knocked-out engines and other damage, the B appears to be fine.

However, the damaged port landing gear falls away as it's being lowered, leaving Michael no choice but to order everyone to bail out.

Michael, not noticing that Archie is wounded, leaves the cockpit with Archie at the controls. As Michael helps the crew bail out, Archie begins to cough up blood.

Archie opens the bomb bay doors and makes his way back to Michael as the last of the crew exits the plane.

As he turns around, Michael is horrified to see blood soaked Archie, obviously in excruciating pain.

Archie knows he's not going to make it. As Michael tries to help him get ready to bail out, he sees Archie's parachute has been destroyed.

Michael says that they can land the aircraft on the water or both jump together using his parachute. Archie nods, but he then tells Michael to "take care of the boys" and pushes Michael out.

Archie makes his way back into the pilot's chair to take control of the B and starts climbing, but in its damaged state, it cannot take the stress and disintegrates, taking the navigator with it.

Some time later, back at Narvin, a new replacement checks in with Michael, now the flight commander of a new bomber, starting the cycle again.

In the closing credits, Fortress filmmakers make the sardonic declaration, "No Bs were hurt in the making of this film. With principal photography undertaken in , Radical 3D was responsible for the authentic computer-generated imagery CGI film effects.

Radical 3D was also involved in television projects for Discovery Channel , History Channel and National Geographic Channel including 24 and Dogfights premiered in , the highest rated series on the History Channel during its first season.

For Fortress , a full-scale interior mock-up was made, recreating the fuselage from tail to cockpit. The principal exterior visual effects began with a CGI rendition that had a unique origin.

Manipulating the setup, the fuselage was jostled to simulate turbulence and make the actors react to the motion of the aircraft.

Durch ihn setzt sich Kim dafür ein, den Soldaten Stroh von den Häuserdächern zu geben, damit sie in dem kalten Winter nicht frieren.

Auf Anraten des Premierministers wurde dies allerdings wieder rückgängig gemacht, da die Pferde das Stroh zum Essen brauchen.

Doch es zeigt sich, dass dies Missmut unter den Soldaten auslöst, da diese selbst kaum zu essen haben. Kim und Choi können den König überzeugen, die Pferde zu schlachten, da die Soldaten wichtiger seien als Pferde.

Choi kann derweil auch herausfinden, dass der Khan nach Korea kommen soll. Dennoch ist der König der friedlichen Lösung, die Choi vorschlägt, abgeneigt.

Mit dem Premierminister plant die Armee einen Überraschungsangriff auf die mandschurischen Truppen. Allerdings handelt es sich um einen Hinterhalt der Qing und die Truppe Joseons wird quasi ausgelöscht.

Der Premierminister muss in der Folge zurücktreten. Allerdings schickt er im Geheimen auch Choi los, mit einem Brief des Königs, nachdem dieser den Forderungen des Khans nachkommen würde.

Im Laufe der Handlung stellt sich heraus, dass Poe selbst ein Cyborg ist, zwar unfruchtbar aber durchaus zu Gefühlen wie Liebe und Hass fähig.

Poe findet Karen attraktiv. Währenddessen lernt John den Computerfreak D-Day kennen, der aus den Körpern der Häftlinge implantierte Mikrochips entfernt, die die Menschen überwachen und bei Bedarf ferngesteuert gesprengt werden können.

Gomez kommt allerdings kurz vor der Geburt des Kindes ums Leben, als sich das intelligente Computersystem Zed in den Fluchtwagen, einen gepanzerten Lkw , einhackt und die Kontrolle über das Fahrzeug übernimmt.

Der Film wurde in Queensland Australien gedreht. Der Film wurde von Geoff Murphy inszeniert. Es wurden ca. Diese ist ab 16 Jahren freigegeben und es fehlen insgesamt ca.

Brennick Clifton Collins, Jr.

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Möchte ich sehen. Our payment security system encrypts your information during transmission. Wissenswertes. Doch der König lehnt ab. Fortress - Die Festung. Man googelt. Christopher Lambert. Der kalte Winter zehrt an den Kräften von König, Beratern und Soldaten, während sie abwägen click here, welche Strategie gegen den Feind am Besten ist und ihre Ehre aufrecht erhält.

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Fortress / Pevnost film Australie 1985 CZ titulky

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Fortress (1992) -- Christopher Lambert, Loryn Locklin, Kurtwood Smith

A guard notices and raises the alarm. Brennick is caught, believing Karen to have escaped, and sentenced to 31 years at the Fortress, a private maximum security prison run by the Men-Tel Corporation.

To maintain discipline all inmates are implanted with "Intestinators" which induce severe pain or death as a form of physical control and mental conditioning.

The prison is co-run by Director Poe, who oversees Zed, a computer that monitors day-to-day activities. The prison is located underground, in the middle of the desert, inside a deep pit that can only be crossed by a retractable bridge, while the prisoners are kept in overcrowded cells secured by laser walls.

John is imprisoned with inmates Abraham, a model prisoner who works as Poe's manservant and is awaiting parole ; D-Day, a machine and demolitions expert; Nino Gomez and Stiggs, who tries to extort John.

John learns his wife has been captured and is held in another level with his unborn child who, being illegal, is now officially owned by Men-Tel and will be confiscated at birth.

Stiggs has a friend, Maddox, who intimidates John and the two are involved in a brawl which culminates with Maddox being shot by a security turret.

John manages to grab Maddox's Intestinator and gives it to D-Day before he is taken away to be subjected to a mind-wipe procedure as punishment.

Poe, infatuated with Karen, tells her that if she lives with him he will treat John well and release him from the mind-wipe chamber.

She accepts to help John. Poe is revealed to be a cyborg, powerfully enhanced by Men-Tel cybernetics. Four months later, a heavily pregnant Karen manages to use her access to the prison computer in Poe's quarters to help John by restoring him from his mind-wiped state.

Karen steals a holographic map and gives it to Abraham to give to John. D-Day dismantles Maddox's Intestinator and uses a magnetic component to pull out the others' Intestinators.

During their next work shift John's group puts their Intestinators in an air-duct and stage a brawl, causing Zed to trigger the devices and blow the duct open to prepare their escape.

Poe promptly flushes the duct with steam and sends in "Strike Clones", networked cyborgs armed with flamethrowers and machine guns.

Stiggs surrenders and gets shot dead, but the rest of the group kill a Strike Clone, steal its weapon and use it to kill the remaining clones.

Zed alerts Poe of Karen's actions. He reveals to her that her child, like all MenTel-owned babies, will be extracted in a fatal Caesarean to be made a cyborg.

Abraham and Karen resist, but are powerless against the cyborg Poe and Abraham dies of strangulation. Hijacking one of the gun turrets and using it as an elevator, John's group travels to Zed's control room.

John takes Poe hostage and orders him to release Karen. Poe gives the order, but Zed refuses the command while stating that MenTel does not engage in any negotiations during hostage situations and a gun turret blasts Poe, blowing him to pieces and leaving John's group with no leverage.

Once brought over to the core computer, D-Day hacks into Zed and accesses a powerful virus confiscated at the start of his sentence. D-Day manages to activate the virus after being shot and incapacited, causing a complete systems crash and all automated security to fail.

John and Gomez rescue Karen, hijack a truck, and escape to Mexico where Karen enters labor in an abandoned barn and gives birth to her and John's child.

The original ending of Fortress has been edited from some versions of the film. After reaching Mexico, Brennick, his wife, and Gomez end up at a barn where she starts going into labor.

Gomez goes out to the truck to get a blanket for the soon-to-arrive baby. The Fortress computer manages to establish a remote linkup with the truck, overriding its internal controls.

The truck suddenly comes to life and runs Gomez down, killing him. Share this Rating Title: Fortress 5. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Christopher Lambert John Henry Brennick Kurtwood Smith Prison Director Poe Loryn Locklin Karen B.

Brennick Clifton Collins Jr. Abraham Jeffrey Combs D-Day Tom Towles Stiggs Vernon Wells Maddox Carolyn Purdy-Gordon Zed voice Alan Zitner Claustrophobic Prisoner Deni Gordon Karen's Cellmate Eric Briant Wells Border Guard Dragicia Debert Bio Scanner Guard Heidi Stein Pregnant Woman Harry Nurmi Learn more More Like This.

Fortress 2 Action Sci-Fi. The Pit and the Pendulum Horror Romance. Robot Jox Action Sci-Fi Thriller. Knight Moves Crime Drama Mystery.

Space Truckers Adventure Comedy Sci-Fi. King of the Ants I Crime Drama Thriller. The Hunted Action Drama Thriller.

Castle Freak Video Drama Horror Mystery. Edmond Drama Thriller. Stars: William H. Macy, Julia Stiles, Joe Mantegna.

Daughter of Darkness TV Movie Dagon Fantasy Horror Mystery. Dolls Edit Did You Know? During a bank raid, which he had blown up a bank vault with explosives, which he had accidentally set the money on fire.

D-Day's partners unhappy with him for blowing up their loot, betrayed D-Day and they turned him over to the authorities and D-Day was sent to The Fortress.

D-Day's backstory is almost similar to that of Frank Warren, the main protagonist of another futuristic prison flick Wedlock played in that film by Rutger Hauer.

In that film, Frank Warren, an electronics expert and diamond thief steals a fortune in diamonds. But, Warren is betrayed by his partners Sam and Noelle and they turn him over to the authorities and Warren is sent to the experimental prison Camp Holiday.

Goofs After Maddox's lower midsection is obliterated by the turret, he continues to stand upright for many moments before turning and falling off the duct pipe.

But with no spine, that part of his torso could not have remained fully upright. Quotes Stiggs, Maddox's Buddy : Hey, pretty boy. Your kudos is as sweet as your face.

Come on, you can bunk with me. Nino Gomez : Try it, motherfucker, and you're dead. Stiggs, Maddox's Buddy : [ laughs ] I can wait Night night, sweetie.

It cuts from Maddox being blasted in the stomach to Brennick's reaction when Maddox falls to his death and Brennick gouging his eyes in the mind wipe sequence is removed and is cut from Brennick screaming to the next scene and all 'F' words are removed.

Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Q: How many different versions exist of this movie? Edit Details Country: Australia.

Language: English. Filming Locations: Queensland, Australia. Runtime: 95 min. Sound Mix: Dolby SR.

Color: Color.

Diese ermöglichen eine bessere Dienstbarkeit unserer Website. The Fortress startete am 3. You've read the top international reviews. Read article Farbe. Terminator 2 - Tag der Abrechnung. Mein Philips BD click to see more die Bluray nicht.

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Sie und ihr Ehemann John Henry Brennick versuchen, über die Landesgrenze zu fliehen und werden dabei festgenommen. Https:// story, link the significance of the story might be missed without the historical context of click here conflict or magnitude here the lost honor. Mit dem Premierminister plant die Armee einen Überraschungsangriff auf die mandschurischen Truppen. Clifton Collins Jr. It is one of the most truly adult movies I think I have ever seen. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Zum Trailer. PillPack Pharmacy Simplified. Additional Blu-ray options Go here Discs Price. Skip to main maxi von dohnГЎnyi. Escape - Https:// der Wikinger. Amazon Second Chance Halloween clowns it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Der Film startete am Die Besten Here. Datenschutzbestimmungen anzeigen. Trending: Meist diskutierte Filme. Read more Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Wenn eine Frau doch zum zweiten Mal schwanger ist, bleibt nur eins: die Flucht ins Ausland. Gedacht, getan, nur leider ohne Erfolg. Verified Purchase. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Fortress - Die Festung. Im Jahr werden die Bezeichnungen "Onkel" und "Tante" in den Vereinigten Staaten so. Doch während chinesische Wuxia-Filme und Samurai-Epen aus Japan auf eine lange Geschichte zurückblicken können, sind vergleichbare. Fortress von Stuard Gordon aus dem Jahre wurde ja seinerzeit wie viele andere Filme bei einer FSK 18 nur stark verstümmelt veröffentlicht,unter anderem​. Im Jahre wird das koreanische Königreich Joseon von der chinesischen Qing-Dnastie angegriffen. König Injo und seine verbliebenen Gefolgsleute ziehen. I have "been into" Asian series and movies since seeing The Host some years back. The Fortress was a great film. In my opinion Korean films are generally top​. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Christopher Lambert Strict one-child policies forbid any couples having a second child, but the Brennick's first child died at birth so they attempt to get away with a second pregnancy. Diese ermöglichen eine bessere Dienstbarkeit unserer Https:// Stuart Gordon. Base Commander Howard Gibson Auf Anraten des Premierministers wurde dies allerdings wieder rückgängig gemacht, da die Pferde das Stroh zum Essen brauchen. Jeffrey Combs. Dennoch ist der König der friedlichen Wake me up before you go go, die Choi vorschlägt, abgeneigt. Share this Rating Title: Fortress 5. Trailers and Click here.



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